Low Dose Chemotherapy Los Angeles

Low Dose chemotherapy or metronomic chemotherapy is a new approach to the traditional chemotherapy drugs delivery. Patients undergoing metronomic chemotherapy receive as little as one-tenth the normal dose, rather than receiving large doses of chemotherapy. Smaller doses are less damaging to healthy cells in the body, so chemotherapy can be administered more frequently — sometimes every day.
People undergoing traditional chemotherapy treatment usually wait weeks between treatments to let their healthy cells recover. For instance, you may need to wait until your blood counts are restored to acceptable levels before you can receive your next chemo treatment. Unfortunately this interval between treatments also allows the cells that help supply oxygen and nutrients to a tumor (endothelial cells) time to heal and regenerate so they can revive the cancer cells.

Metronomic chemotherapy targets the tumor’s endothelial cells, rather than the cancer cells. Endothelial cells are found in the tumor’s blood vessels. By killing the endothelial cells, the blood supply is cut off. Without a blood supply, cancer cells may die or the tumor may shrink. Tumors without blood supplies remain very small — usually less than 3 millimeters.

A drug that alters the blood supply to a tumor is called an angiogenesis inhibitor. Angiogenesis refers to the process of growing blood vessels. Metronomic chemotherapy is sometimes called anti-angiogenic chemotherapy.

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