Deep Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia Cancer Institute- Los Angeles

deep thermal therapyHyperthermia increases the response rate for some deep tumors by 26% in comparison with the standard treatment(1).

Deep Hyperthermia approaches may be used to treat cancers within the body, such as cervical, prostate or bladder cancer, which cannot be heated by standard external hyperthermia.

External deep ultrasound is a very effective in heating deep tumors by using an array of ultrasound transducers focused on the tumor. Our treatment system, the Sonotherm 1000, manufactured by Labthermics is the only hyperthermia equipment approved by the FDA for deep hyperthermia treatments.

Van Der Zee (1), in March of 2003 reported on treating 114 patients with cancer of bladder, cervix and rectum. These patients were treated with 68Gy of external beam radiation. The group that received hyperthermia in addition plus standard treatment had a complete response rate of 83% while the same rate for patients that received the standard treatment was 57%.

1-(INT. J. HYPERTHERMIA, 2002, VOL. 18, NO. 1, 1-12)

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