Interstitial Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia Cancer Institute- Los Angeles

interstitial thermal therapyInterstitial hyperthermia is achieved by generating the heating from inside the tissue, most commonly using microwave antenna or using metal electrodes (low frequency current field).

Low-Frequency Current Fields Interstitial hyperthermia has been achieved by passing a low-frequency current field of 500 kHz between electrodes implanted directly into tumors. This method is essentially a form of resistive heating. The size and shape of the field can be manipulated by the number and position of the needles. While invasive, this technique is being used successfully for small accessible tumors where the full extent of the lesion was known (for example, oropharynx, vagina, and rectum).

Interstitial microwave hyperthermia is used to treat tumors that are deep within the body, such as brain, cervical, breast, prostate, and neck tumors. This technique allows the tumor to be heated to higher temperatures than external hyperthermia techniques allow. Probes or needles are inserted into the tumor, guided by the use of imaging techniques, such as ultrasound, to make sure that the probe is properly located within the tumor.

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