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Hyperthermia can be an effective stand-alone treatment.

One of the body’s best-known natural defense mechanisms is fever. The body elevates its temperature as a way to kill unwanted and potentially dangerous agents in the body. Unfortunately, our bodies do not use fever to fight cancer. Hyperthermia therapy, however, functions under a similar principle and has been clinically proven to weaken and kill cancer cells with concentrated ultrasonic heat technology.

Hyperthermia encourages the body’s immune system to fight back.

The immune system is tasked with keeping the body safe from illness, but even those with strong immune systems are susceptible to contracting cancer. This is because cancer cells are uniquely able to evade the immune system’s defenses. Initially, cancer cells start out like healthy cells. Even after they develop into cancerous versions, they can ‘hide in plain sight’ and avoid detection from T cells. Hyperthermia weakens the integrity of cancerous cells. As they break down, certain components of the cancerous cells trigger the body’s immune system. Once the immune system recognizes that these elements are harmful, it is able to adapt and attack them.

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Hyperthermia can be useful for combating recurrent cancers.

Hyperthermia is typically combined with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy in a patient’s treatment plan. However, for some who are susceptible to recurrent cancers, hyperthermia therapy is used instead of repeat chemotherapy or radiation therapy because it is gentle on the body and carries a much lower risk of complication. 

Hyperthermia treatment has the advantage of precision.

Most common cancer treatments affect a patient’s whole body, negatively impacting both healthy and cancerous tissue. This is taxing for the patient both mentally and physically. Hyperthermia treatments, however, only target tumors and do not harm healthy cells. Sessions are typically no more than an hour long, which means patients can receive potent treatment without being overburdened in mind or body.

Solo hyperthermia therapy can be used for a wide range of cancers.

Hyperthermia therapy is clinically proven to be effective when used to treat the cancers below.

If you have an aggressive form of cancer or don’t see the type of cancer you have listed, we may still be able to help. Please contact us for more information.

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HCI’s medical director works with your healthcare provider to determine the best path for you.

The only way to determine if solo hyperthermia is right for you is to talk with our caring team of experts. A conversation with our patient coordinator is the first step. He will listen carefully to your needs. If it seems like hyperthermia treatments could be helpful, he’ll gather your details and schedule an appointment with HCI medical director Dr. Joseph Pinzone.

Dr. Pinzone will review your medical records and conduct an examination. If he assesses that your cancer treatment could benefit from the addition of hyperthermia therapy, he will work with your healthcare provider to devise a treatment plan. If you need guidance or wonder if hyperthermia therapy can help you fight cancer, HCI can help. Contact our offices today.

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