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FDA Approved Heat Therapy That Combats Cancer

Oncologists and their patients have long relied on three approaches to cancer treatment: surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Today, there exists a fourth: Hyperthermia therapy. Hyperthermia therapy is an advanced heat-based treatment that is clinically proven to increase the efficacy of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Most effective when administered at the same time as radiation therapy or chemotherapy, Hyperthermia therapy is a gentle non-invasive treatment that only targets cancerous tissue; it leaves healthy tissue alone and has virtually no side effects for the patient. Patients can use Hyperthermia therapy to amplify their treatment for most types of common cancers.

Hyperthermia Therapy Uses Heat To Heal

Our experienced medical team uses Sonotherm™, an FDA-approved ultrasound device, to target tumors in almost any part of the body with concentrated ultrasound rays. The heat weakens and destroys cancerous tissue without damaging healthy tissue. Heat also increases blood flow to the tumor, which allows for a higher concentration of radiation or chemical cancer-fighting to penetrate. 

Hyperthermia therapy erodes the tumor to a greater degree than would otherwise be possible, making it easier for the radiation or chemotherapy to completely eliminate the tumor and gives the patient a better chance at becoming cancer-free. Additionally, Hyperthermia therapy can also galvanize the body’s own immune system to further attack the tumor. 

Hyperthermia Therapy Sessions Are Stress-free

The experienced and caring team at HCI is peerless when it comes to patient care. Hyperthermia sessions often take place in our serene and well-appointed clinic, and last around 45 minutes. Many patients only feel the soothing warmth of the heat during their treatment sessions, and find that they can comfortably relax, nap, read, or watch TV while they are treated. In use for around 35 years, Hyperthermia therapy is well-tolerated by the vast majority of patients and has no known long-term complications or negative impact on healthy tissue. It is safe, and it works. The HCI team works closely with each patient’s oncology doctors to establish a treatment plan, determining how many sessions a patient requires.

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Early Adoption Improves Your Chances

There are countless studies that show how Hyperthermia can increase the chances of a complete response when paired with radiation therapy or chemotherapy, and we encourage you to read the studies we list on our treatment pages and share them with your medical team. 

In our experience, patients who include Hyperthermia therapy early in their treatment enjoy better outcomes than those who adopt Hyperthermia treatments later on; however, we treat all stages of and types of the most common cancers. Contact us today to see how we can help you. 

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