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Early Adoption Yields Greater Results

Cancer treatment is more successful the earlier it begins, and the same is true for hyperthermia therapy. In our experience, we have seen that patients who added hyperthermia early in their radiation therapy or chemotherapy treatment enjoyed higher chances of a complete response. In simpler terms, the earlier a patient began hyperthermia treatment, the higher the likelihood that their tumors were completely destroyed by their chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Careful Consideration Early On Is Key

Several factors determine the optimal time to apply hyperthermia. Each patient’s type of cancer, its stage, and individual clinical circumstances dictate the optimal timing for hyperthermia treatment. That is why we want to hear from you as early as possible after an early cancer diagnosis in Los Angeles. After your initial contact with our team, we will strategize with you and your doctor about if, and when, to add hyperthermia to your cancer treatment.

Hyperthermia Uses Ultrasonic Heat To Destroy Tumors

For over 35 years, hyperthermia therapy has been using heat-based technology to amplify chemotherapy and radiation therapy’s ability to eliminate tumors.

Hyperthermia therapy uses targeted ultrasonic energy to heat cancerous cells, which weakens and can often kill them. 

Though sometimes used independently, hyperthermia therapy is most effective when combined with radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The increased heat spurs higher blood flow to the tumor, which in turn amplifies the concentration of cancer-fighting chemicals or radiation that can enter the cancerous cells. The higher levels of chemicals and radiation can also penetrate the cells at a deeper level.

Count On Patient Support From Day One

Here at the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute in Los Angeles, California, we understand how trying a cancer diagnosis can be. It can be overwhelming to manage all the logistics and the emotional weight of treatment. At HCI, we believe that every patient deserves support during this time. 

We work hand in hand with each patient and their oncology team to schedule hyperthermia treatment sessions, and are happy to assist with lodging and travel logistics when needed. We manage communication with the insurance companies and identify what is covered and what the patient can expect in out-of-pocket fees. 

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Patient Assistance HCI Can Provide

Our guiding light is to ensure a high level of care and a longer life for each patient. Our team advocates for patients in the following ways:

  • Coordination of therapy sessions with the patient’s oncology team
  • Pretreatment insurance evaluation to see if a patient’s insurance will cover hyperthermia
  • Therapy at our state-of-the-art clinic
  • Identifying any out-of-pocket fees for the patient’s proposed treatment schedule
  • Coordinate with travel and appointment logistics 
  • When necessary, assistance lodging during treatmentsLinking patients with charities offering free/discounted travel, if needed

We Want To Help You Defeat Cancer

At HCI, our purpose is to improve and lengthen each patient’s life and ensure a high level of day-to-day comfort. When adopted early, hyperthermia treatment can make a world of difference. Reach out to our patient care team to discuss how HCI can help you today.

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