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Hyperthermia Therapy & Chemotherapy Is Safe, Effective, And Proven To Help

The Hyperthermia Cancer Institute treats patients with ultrasound heat technology as they undergo chemotherapy in Los Angeles to improve the chances of a complete response to chemotherapy. In addition to boosting the power of chemotherapy to destroy tumors, hyperthermia therapy has virtually no side effects. 

Decades Of Proven Results With Chemotherapy

After 35 years of use, there are still no known detrimental effects of hyperthermia therapy on healthy cells. Hyperthermia treatment is most compatible with certain types of chemotherapy. Our helpful patient advocates can work with your oncology team to determine if hyperthermia treatments could improve your healing journey.

Hyperthermia Improves the Delivery of Chemotherapy to Tumors

Cancerous tumors typically have poor blood vessel structure, which often leads to collapsed blood vessels. Because of this, tumors do not receive the same amount of blood flow as healthy tissues, particularly at the center of the tumor. Hyperthermia therapy applies ultrasonic heat to tumors which dilates the tumor's blood vessels, even those deep inside the tumor. This increased blood flow allows for a greater concentration of chemotherapy drugs to deeply penetrate the tumor and kill cancer cells.

Heat Directly Kills and Stresses Cancer Cells

Over 35 years of evidence demonstrates that heat from hyperthermia treatment can directly kill some cancer cells. In addition, the combination of chemotherapy with hyperthermia therapy significantly strengthens the potency of the anti-cancer drugs; first, by placing the targeted cells under heat stress, and second by delivering more cell-killing chemotherapy. This powerful combination ultimately causes the destruction of more cancer cells than standalone chemotherapy could achieve. 

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Hyperthermia Helps Inhibit Cancer Cell DNA Repair

Some chemotherapy treatments work by damaging the cancer cell’s DNA. Damage from multiple chemotherapy treatments eventually accumulates in the cancer cells. It may take days, weeks, or months before the chemotherapy has damaged the cancer cells enough to destroy them directly.  During the time it takes for enough chemotherapy to accumulate in the cancerous cells, the cells start to self-repair.

 Hyperthermia treatments utilize heat to prevent the cancerous cells from repairing the damage done to their DNA, weakening the cell and making it easier for the body to destroy it. This helps reduce the size of the tumor. The National Cancer Institute studies have shown a significant reduction in tumor size when hyperthermia is combined with other treatments.

Selected Hyperthermia and Chemotherapy Studies

Here at HCI, we understand that navigating the details of cancer treatment is overwhelming and stressful. It can be hard to find accurate information. We have a selection of trusted studies below that can help you better understand how hyperthermia can increase the power of chemotherapy.

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HCI Is Here To Help

At HCI, we conduct hyperthermia therapy in a non-invasive, gentle manner that works. Our heat-based ultrasonic technology can damage and destroy cancerous cells, as well as significantly amplify the efficacy of certain chemotherapies. Connect with our compassionate patient care team today to find out how HCI can support you.

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