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Amplify Your Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy, or radiotherapy, aims to destroy cancer cells by severely damaging cellular DNA with radiation. DNA damage from multiple radiation treatments accumulates and eventually prevents cancer cells from dividing; in other words, they can’t repair themselves or form new cancer cells. The more radiation delivered to a cancer cell, the greater the damage, and the easier it is for the body’s immune system to remove the cancer cells from the body. Unfortunately, it may take days, weeks, or months before the radiation has damaged the cancer cells enough to destroy them, allowing them time to self-repair. Thankfully, hyperthermia therapy can help.

Hyperthermia Uses Heat To Fight Cancer

Hyperthermia therapy uses ultrasonic heat to combat cancerous tumors. It does so in two major ways. The first is that heat weakens cancer cells and inhibits their ability to self-repair; in some cases, hyperthermia treatments destroy the cancer cells outright.

The second way hyperthermia’s targeted heat works to eliminate tumors is by increasing blood flow to the tumor, which increases the concentration of oxygen that is able to reach the tumor, enhancing the efficacy of radiation therapy in Los Angeles without impacting healthy cells.

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Radiosensitization With The Help Of Hyperthermia

Radiation works more effectively in high-oxygen environments. The heat of hyperthermia therapy improves blood flow, which increases the oxygen content throughout the tumor. The addition of hyperthermia makes the cells more vulnerable to radiation therapy, a process known as ‘radiosensitization.’ Radiosensitization renders cancer cells even easier to destroy.

Hyperthermia With Radiation Therapy Improves Outcomes

Multiple studies show that adding hyperthermia to a patient's cancer treatment improves their response to radiation therapy, boosting the chances of a complete response. This higher chance of totally eliminating tumors increases the patient’s odds of beating cancer. A combination of hyperthermia and radiation therapy is significantly more effective than radiation therapy alone. 

Selected Hyperthermia and Radiation Therapy Studies

Cancer treatment can be complex and daunting for anybody. Sometimes it is difficult to find information or know which sources are credible. Below is a selection of studies from trusted scientific bodies that explore the ways hyperthermia can improve the effects of radiation therapy in Los Angeles.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help; simply contact our patient care team for support.

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HCI Is Here To Support You

The Hyperthermia Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, California, conducts non-invasive hyperthermia therapy. Our heat-based treatments use heat generated from ultrasonic energy to significantly increase the efficacy of radiation therapy without harming healthy cells. Connect with our expert patient care team today to determine if hyperthermia therapy can help you beat cancer.

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