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Hyperthermia: A Gentle, Clinically Proven Aid That Works

At Hyperthermia Cancer Institute, we take our commitment to caring for you seriously. Our advanced Hyperthermia Therapy statistically increases the positive impact of radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and has virtually no side effects. In some patients, Hyperthermia can even stimulate an immune response, giving your body another tool to fight against cancer.

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Welcome to Hyperthermia Cancer Institute

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What Exactly Is Hyperthermia?

Hyperthermia Therapy Weakens Tumors

Hyperthermia Therapy (HT) is a multi-session, non-invasive treatment that slowly targets tumors via heat from ultrasound energy.

The heat increases blood flow to the tumor, making the tumor more vulnerable to your body’s own immune defenses and other cancer therapies like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

When combined with HT, chemotherapy and radiation therapy penetrate deeper into the tumor, increasing the chances of eliminating the tumor completely. HT does not impact surrounding healthy tissue, which means there is no disadvantage to including it in your cancer treatment. HT sessions are just under an hour and are typically well-tolerated by patients.

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We Handle The Details So You Don’t Have To

We understand that early awareness plus advanced treatment equals higher cancer survival rates. Because of this, we encourage the adoption of Hyperthermia treatments as soon as radiation therapy or chemotherapy begins. 

Navigating the complex medical establishment is already overwhelming, and having a life-threatening illness can make it downright impossible.  Our caring and experienced team is there to support you through robust coordination of your care.

Here’s How HCI Can Help You

HCI caregivers strive to ensure a high level of care for each patient.  They advocate for patients in the following ways:

  • Coordination of Hyperthermia Therapy with the patient’s other healthcare providers as needed
  • Pretreatment insurance evaluation to see if a patient’s insurance will cover Hyperthermia Therapy at our state-of-the-art clinic
  • Identifying any out-of-pocket fees for the patient’s proposed treatment schedule
  • Assistance with travel and appointment logistics when necessary, helping to secure lodging during treatments
  • Connecting patients with charities offering free/discounted travel, if needed

An Easy, Stress-Free Process

When you call HCI, our Director of Practice and Patient Services Matt Reed will listen to your needs and explain how Hyperthermia Therapy works. If it seems HT can help you, Matt will schedule you a consultation with our medical director Dr. Joseph J. Pinzone and gather your medical records.

Matt will also determine if your insurance will cover your HT treatments. If Dr. Pinzone thinks you could improve with Hyperthermia Treatment, he will create a treatment plan that may be adjusted to better meet your needs as your treatment progresses. From there, our staff works with your oncology team to coordinate your care.

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Hyperthermia Optimizes Your Overall Treatment

At HCI, we know that anyone who solicits our services already has a heavy load to carry. Our compassionate and experienced team delivers uncompromising care in a serene, stress-free environment. We hold your hand through each step, from establishing if HT could be a helpful part of your treatment, to coordinating appointments with your oncology team. 

Our goal is to make your cancer treatments as effective as possible. Sooner is always better when it comes to your well-being; contact us today to see how we can help you reclaim your life.

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