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Improve The Chances Of A Successful Surgery

Hyperthermia treatment uses ultrasonic heat to elevate the temperature of tumors, which causes cancerous cells to weaken and die. The heat also spurs the body’s immune response into action, creating a two-pronged attack on tumors. Though typically paired with other cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, solo hyperthermia can also yield results in select cases.

Minimize Preoperative Tumor Size & Quantity 

Hyperthermia treatment may sometimes be suggested prior to surgery to reduce the tumor size and the amount of tumors in the body. With fewer cancerous tissue to remove, a less intensive surgery is possible. Less cancerous tissue also increases the surgeon’s chances of locating and excising all cancerous matter from the body during the actual operation.

Reach Out To HCI To Learn More

A conversation with our compassionate and knowledgeable patient care team is the first step towards discovering if hyperthermia can improve your chances of beating cancer. Since early treatment is the most successful, we recommend patients contact us as soon as they receive a diagnosis. Contact us today to see how we can support you in your healing journey.

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