Why choose The Hyperthermia Cancer Institute in Irvine, California?

The Hyperthermia Cancer Institute provides cutting-edge solutions to assist cancer patients at every stage of their treatment journey. Our experienced, licensed team, led by Joseph J. Pinzone, MD, MBA, FACP, strives to create an atmosphere of trust and transparency where individuals feel empowered and supported every step of the way. 

While colon cancer presents many challenges, our practice is solution-oriented. Our sole mission is to deliver customized hyperthermia treatments using advanced, FDA-approved technology. Patients often select our practice over larger institutions because of our dedication to concierge care, our willingness to go the extra mile, and the compassionate demeanor of all our staff. For added convenience, we treat Irvine patients six days a week, every week of the year.

What is colon cancer?

Colon cancer is part of a family of colorectal cancers that also includes rectal and anal cancer. Most colorectal cancers are first detected as adenomatous polyps, which are collections of abnormal cells on the colon’s surface. Around one-quarter of colon cancer patients have a history of the disease in their families, making it likely that heredity plays a role. Other risk factors for colon cancer include smoking, a poor diet, and inflammatory bowel disease. Earlier detection and screening as well as newer treatment modalities have reduced the number of new cases in recent years, lowering the colon cancer death rate by around 25% in the U.S. 

What are the symptoms of colon cancer?

Symptoms will vary from patient to patient, depending on the location of the tumor but may include the following:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Pain or discomfort during bowel movements
  • Discomfort when sitting down
  • Bloating
  • A shift in bowel habits
  • Blood seen in bowel movements
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Unexplained fatigue

Strategic treatment for colon cancer in Orange County, CA

At our state-of-the-art treatment center, we support all types of cancer-eradicating modalities, including surgery, chemo, radiation, and biologic-targeted therapy. The earlier colon cancer is discovered, the better the outcome. We provide colon cancer treatment in Irvine for patients at every phase of their journey, offering solutions for the following:

  • Early-stage colon cancer
  • Cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes or surrounding organs
  • Cancer that has metastasized and spread to distant organs
  • Recurrent colon cancer

Hyperthermia Therapy & It's Benefits

What is hyperthermia therapy?

Hyperthermia is a medical treatment that relies on thermal warming to accomplish tumor reduction. Ultrasonic heat is applied to the cancer cells, disrupting their membranes while blood flow is increased to the tumor, making it more vulnerable to the body’s innate immune defenses and other cancer-fighting treatment modalities like chemotherapy and radiation. 

What are the benefits of hyperthermia?

  • Clinical research has shown that when hyperthermia is added to the colon cancer treatment plan, it can increase patients’ overall survival rate at 5 years. 
  • By enhancing blood flow to the tumor, hyperthermia creates the perfect oxygen-rich atmosphere for radiation therapy to succeed.
  • With hyperthermia, chemotherapy is able to more profoundly penetrate the core of the tumor, an area that it typically cannot access.
  • Hyperthermia can boost the body’s natural immune response to cancer.
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Incorporating hyperthermia into your treatment plan

Ideally, the patient begins hyperthermia therapy right away alongside chemo and radiation. There are virtually no negative side effects with hyperthermia, so adding it to your treatment plan will not increase health risks in any way. In fact, results from most treatment modalities can be augmented with hyperthermia. 

Additional Cancer Treatments in Irvine

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