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Your Focus Is Healing. Our Focus Is Helping You Heal.

Here at the Hyperthermia Cancer Institute we take great pride in delivering the highest quality ultrasound hyperthermia treatments in the world in our beautiful, safe, and serene clinic in Santa Monica, California. Our core mission is to use our expertise and compassion to lengthen the lives of our patients and restore them to a high quality of life. We partner with patients’ oncology teams to determine if hyperthermia therapy can aid in their fight against cancer. 

Taking The First Step

In our experience, early adoption of hyperthermia treatment yields higher chances of a complete response. As such, we encourage patients to contact us as soon as they receive a diagnosis. The first contact our patients make is with Matt Reed, our Director of Practice and Patient Services. After listening to your needs, Matt will explain how hyperthermia therapy works, inform you about our practice, and find out how we can support you.

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The Whole Process At A Glance

We understand that navigating cancer treatment is complex and stressful. At HCI, we strive to make each aspect of care as easy as possible. Below is a general overview of our process after the initial conversation with Director of Practice and Patient Services Matt Reed.

Pre-consultation Preparation

1. If you would like to consider hyperthermia as a part of your treatment plan, Matt will assist you with preparing for a consultation with our Chief Medical Officer, Joseph J. Pinzone, MD. Dr. Pinzone possesses unique expertise and extensive experience in the field of thermal medicine.

2. Matt will provide you with our New Patient Packet, and obtain a signed consent form allowing Matt and the team to gather your medical records. Dr. Pinzone and our Patient Care Team will review your medical history prior to your consultation.

3. Matt will verify and assess your insurance coverage for hyperthermia therapy and work closely with Dr. Pinzone and the patient care team to schedule your consultation with Dr. Pinzone. We are happy to assist with travel and accommodations for traveling patients.

Schedule a Consultation

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In-depth Consultation With Dr. Pinzone

Once you arrive at our comfortable and well-appointed cancer center in Santa Monica, California, Dr. Pinzone will review your complete medical history and perform a physical examination. Dr. Pinzone will review the specifics of your case to determine if hyperthermia could benefit you. If he finds that hyperthermia therapy could help you fight cancer, the next step is to formulate a treatment plan.

Working Together For Best Results

Once Dr. Pinzone establishes you are a candidate for hyperthermia, he will craft a clear treatment plan, working together with your oncology team. This is a flexible roadmap that can be adjusted if your needs change throughout the course of treatment. Any modifications during treatment will be discussed between you and your oncologist, Dr. Pinzone, and our medical staff.

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We Take Care Of The Details For You

Cancer treatments are tough to navigate for anyone. We at HCI understand this and are committed to providing you with the highest levels of compassion and care throughout your time with us. In addition to our calming environment, we offer logistical support with coordination of care, scheduling, and traveling and accommodations if needed. Our goal is to optimize your cancer treatment outcomes. Contact us today to see how we can support you.

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