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About Cervical Cancer

Over 12,000 people are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the US each year, with 500,000 cases worldwide. Infection from high-risk strains of human papilloma virus (HPV) is the primary cause of invasive cervical cancer in most patients. This can be prevented by proper vaccination, and the majority of those who are sexually active and exposed to HPV can clear the infection without any intervention.

Early Detection Is Common

A pap smear is the primary detection method for asymptomatic precancerous and cancerous cells/tumors. Because treatment can often be instituted in the precancerous phase and early cancer stage, the increase of routine pap smears has resulted in dramatic reductions in deaths from cervical cancer.

Treatment For Cervical Cancer

Treatment for cervical cancer varies based on the type of cancer and the extent of spread. Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination thereof are the most common options. When included in one's cervical cancer treatment in Los Angeles, hyperthermia can improve the effectiveness of radiation therapy or chemotherapy without increasing side effects.

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We Treat All Stages and Types of Cervical Cancer

  • Stage I cervical cancer (confined to the cervix)
  • Stage II cervical cancer (extend to upper vagina or soft tissue around the cervix)
  • Stage III cervical cancer (extending to the lower vagina or the pelvic sidewalls)
  • Stage IV cervical cancer (invading bladder or rectum or spread to distant organs)
  • HPV+ or HPV- cervical cancer

What We Do

  • Target cancerous cells
  • Leave fragile healthy tissues including heart, lungs, lymph nodes and any other affected organs untouched
  • Increase the effectiveness of radiation and/or systemic therapy

How Hyperthermia Therapy Works

Hyperthermia is a targeted heat based treatment. When applied to a tumor, heat can weaken and even destroy cancer cells. Heat disrupts cell membranes and increases blood flow to the tumor, making the tumor more sensitive and vulnerable both to your body’s natural immune defenses and to other cancer therapies like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.

Hyperthermia therapy does the following:

  • When combined with radiation therapy, research shows that hyperthermia  increases the likelihood of a complete response in cervical cancers by nearly 50%
  • Increases blood flow to tumors, which increases blood oxygenation and makes radiation therapy more effective
  • Helps chemotherapy penetrate deep into the center of the tumor where it otherwise couldn’t reach
  • Can stimulate an immune response reaction within the tumor improving your body’s ability to fight cancer
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Cervical Cancer

When combined with radiation therapy, hyperthermia increases the likelihood of a complete response in cervical cancers by nearly 50%.

Radiation Therapy Alone
Radiation Therapy + Hyperthermia
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Cervical Cancer Treatment Statistics

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Hyperthermia Improves Cervical Cancer Treatment

Research shows that hyperthermia, when combined with radiation therapy, increases the likelihood of a complete response in cervical cancers by nearly 50%. Hyperthermia therapy can be incorporated into one's cervical cancer treatment in Los Angeles at any time. Optimally, hyperthermia treatment is initiated as soon as the patient begins receiving radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Early adoption of hyperthermia leads to the best outcomes.

For all patients, the goal is to select the most effective therapies while minimizing side effects. Most patients experience virtually no side effects from hyperthermia; those who do report side effects to be mild. Hyperthermia has no known adverse effects on healthy tissue. Adding hyperthermia can increase the efficacy of your therapeutic regimen without harming sensitive surrounding tissue.

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